2019/3/13 BMI Agent and Higher Education Workshop, 3/15 Brazil International Schools Forum & Workshop
Edvec's Senior Project manger, Tony Brearley, recently attended the BMI organised Agents, Higher Education and International High Schools Workshops in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It became apparent that there is an emerging and important trend within Brazilian schools, colleges and universities to become more international in their scope and offerings, with educators ever more focused on the benefits of second language learning and study abroad. Here at Edvec we look forward to making our own contribution to this growing international focus.

Whilst in Sao Paulo Mr Brearley was able to introduce our best selling Language Training app MyET together with our bespoke online Japanese Language Learning course Nihongo Dojo to the Brazillian market. Mr Brearley was hugely impressed with the warmth and hospitality with which he was received in Brazil. Our products attracted great interest from both Brazillian and global institutions and we look forward to establishing relationships within Brazil and wider markets.