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With Japanese R&D partners such as Fujitsu and our international partners in the United States, Canada, the UK, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea, Edvec is proud to offer the finest online language learning and mathematics programs.


Our best-selling language learning platform is MyET (My English Tutor). MyET is a self-study, listening and speaking training app that is used by over 3.5 million English language students in China, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, India and Russia. Using the patented Automatic Speech Analysis System (ASAS©︎), MyET analyzes spoken English and provides individual feedback and advice to help learners become more fluent and confident English speakers. ASAS©︎ is also available for Japanese and Chinese language study as MyJT (My Japanese Tutor) and MyCT (My Chinese Tutor). For detailed information please visit []



Nihongo dojo, is a self-study Japanese language program designed for young people thinking of studying or working in Japan. With Nihongo dojo, learners can master all four language skills online -- including listening AND speaking. With courses for both beginners and advanced learners, Nihongo dojo delivers a new more effective way to master Japanese!



Learning is almost automatic when undertaken in a playful and emotional context and this is what LearnMatch provides. LearnMatch is a mobile vocabulary training app that helps learners master six different languages. Launched at the end of 2017, LearnMatch has already succeeded in building communities of millions of language learners around the world with its unique blend of education, gamification, sports and culture. LearnMatch’s Business version is an ideal solution for corporate training. Through LearnMatch Business, Edvec can provide bespoke language learning apps with industry-specific language content. Working with corporate sponsors and NGOs, Edvec can provide LearnMatch free of charge to learners that have traditionally been unable to afford online learning. To learn more about LearnMatch, please click here (


Coming soon… Edvec is proud to be a partner in the Global Standard Learning (GSL) mathematics program for K-12 learners. Building on the success of Puzzle Dojo in Japan, GSL is scheduled to be launched in the autumn of 2019. Edvec is now seeking international partners to expand this unique children’s program to markets around the world.